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Looking for Group Holidays? We’ve got you covered at Hidden Gems. To help us assemble your ideal group holiday to popular destinations around the world, fill in the survey and we’ll get back to you.

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5. We start planning your vacation as soon as we receive your request according to your survey answers. We need at least ten days to plan your vacation.

6. Seven days before your vacation, you will receive information in the form of weather forecasts for your secret destination, recommendations on what to pack, and, most importantly, your departure hour.

7. Seven days before your trip, you will receive an envelope in the mail, which you CANNOT open just yet. This envelope contains directions to your accommodation and your city guide. Since you will not have time to do research on your destination, we will do it for you! We'll send you off with a curated list of recommendations for everything from cafes to nightlife to rainy-day activities. We promise that you won't be bored wherever you go. But remember, don't open this envelope yet!

8. At the airport, open the envelope! You will have all of the information needed on your destination and your vacation itinerary .

9. Enjoy your trip and create memories. Don’t forget that memories make up the storybook of your life!

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