Couple Survey

The purpose of the survey is to understand what you like and identify a destination you have never done before. The goal is to make you discover hidden gems of the world. Please answer all questions carefully to help us help you! Please note that we need at least 10 days to plan your trip!

Prediction of travels.

With your answers, we will be able to determine a destination for you! We do not guarantee the satisfaction of all that you ask, we want you to be open to the unknown to discover cultures and the jewels of this world that you do not allow yourself to discover. The survey will give us a global idea of what you like or not. Be aware that we are subject to the market price and we will have to select the destination accordingly.

Following the analysis of your questionnaire, we will send you a personalized quote by email. We ask you to answer the questions carefully.

Be sure your information is well provided before submitting the form!