Our goals

Make you see places you do not suspect exist. To make you discover the jewels of this world. We want to push you out of your comfort zone, out of the box and into your routine. Surprise is an emotion caused by an unexpected event or information. Surprise is the test of the realmour.Aristote.

The purpose of our organization is to offer you an experience that is unknown to you. We live in a world where the routine takes an incalculable place and where surprises are rare. Yet they are to wear it with our hands. The only thing to do is take the time to discover them.

Memories are history books of our lives. Add beautiful pages! Travel healed and create an understanding between cultures and peoples.

Why a surprise destination? We live in the digital age. We tend to live our journey even before we start it. We are no longer surprised once there. Choosing a destination ourselves does not open us to the outside world. We will always choose a destination that meets our comfort criteria. But sometimes the unknown can redefine our criteria and our standards. Our goal is to send you to a safe destination and then to discover one of the beauties of the world. There is no age to dream!